Coral Reef Resilience and Resistance to Bleaching

Gabriel D. Grimsditch, Rodney V. Salm
Posted on: 12/19/2002 - Updated on: 2/19/2018

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This paper synthesises much of the current scientific knowledge on coral reef resistance and resilience to bleaching, a possible major effect of climate change. Following a brief overview of coral bleaching and what is meant by resistance and resilience, the paper highlights a variety of resistance and resilience factors and identifies some gaps in knowledge. It continues by providing an overview of some of the tools and strategies we can use to enhance coral reef resilience. Finally, it reviews current initiatives working on coral reef resilience and also identifying some possible future opportunities for research into the issue.


Grimsditch, G. D. & Salm, R. V. (2006). Coral reef resilience and resistance to bleaching (IUCN Resilience Science Group Working Paper Series – No 1). Gland, Switzerland: The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources / The Nature Conservancy. Retrieved from CAKE: