Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative - Climate Change Working Group

Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative - Climate Change Working Group
Posted on: 10/19/2018 - Updated on: 8/19/2022

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The DOSI Climate WG aims to provide a platform to centralize information about scenarios and observations to better assess the impact of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems and to address cumulative pressures. The goal is to facilitate integration of this information in environmental impact assessment and management plans and in the design of Marine Protected Areas. We will also aim to identify high-vulnerability areas and foster interdisciplinary approaches to investigate how deep-sea ecosystems interact with climate on a functional basis. Both experimental and theoretical support is required to improve predictive models for this overlooked but largest component of the Earth system. 

The working group started its activities in August 2015, building on the COP21-related initiatives and sessions at the 14th Deep-sea Biology Symposium to build an international network. This group presently has 62 members from 18 countries. 

Current Working Group Activities:

  1. Work on FAO-DOSI collaboration report – Climate change impacts on deep-sea habitats, fish and fisheries (early 2018 completion)
  2. Organisation of special DOSI Session (The deep ocean under climate change) at Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans (ECCWO), June 2018, Washington DC
  3. Further writing plans a. Review paper (title to be refined) Beyond observed/forecast changes: mechanisms, rates and correlation between climate stressors in the deep-sea. Deep-blue carbon  – a policy brief (to start with the assessment of sources/sinks)
  4. Develop the Zotero-based deep-sea climate change bibliographic database and work on indexing papers (region/stressor/ecosystem/species)
  5. Continued policy work (with Oceans and Climate Platform and others) to raise awareness of deep ocean in climate change via meeting attendance, reports and assessments at UNFCCC COPs, IPCC Oceans, CBD, SDG14, IPBES and EU initiatives, WCMC, DOOS, IMO, ISA
  6. Engage with UN WOA II
  7. Enhance public awareness of the role of deep-sea ecosystems in global climate change – via media, blogs and other channels
  8. Continue to promote dedicated ecological studies (international and interdisciplinary collaborations) and connect with deep-ocean observing strategies and initiatives

Affiliated Organizations

The Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI) is a global network of over 2100 experts from over 90 different countries who pool research, skills and expertise to inform and advise on sustainable deep-ocean governance and management of resources, working to safeguard the marine environment for current and future generations.

DOSI’s mission is to utilise independent scientific findings about the deep ocean to support its ecosystem-based management and integrate other fields of expertise in the development of deep-ocean strategies and solutions.