Delaware and Ocean Acidification: Preparing for a Changing Ocean

Jean Brodeur
Created: 9/19/2018 -


Ocean Acidification is changing today’s ocean with huge implications for sea-life and humans who depend upon the ocean for food, income, and the production of goods and services. A balanced, healthy ocean is important for the health and wellbeing of all people, but has special relevance for coastal communities and developing countries. Individual states have also taken action, beginning with the state of Washington’s Blue Ribbon Commission Report in 2012 and now including reports issued by Maine and Maryland in 2015. Although ocean acidification is a global phenomenon, the experience of the coastal states will be dependent on their own environmental conditions and unique geology and biology. So, there is an opportunity to take steps to minimize damage and protect important resources, even as the country and the world work to address the larger drivers of climate change. This report is the first step in preparing the State of Delaware for Ocean Acidification. Inside, it summarizes the science, describes Delaware’s unique case, discusses current national and state policy initiatives, and makes recommendations for further action both within the state and in regional organizations. 

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