Design for Future Climate: Opportunities for Adaptation in the Built Environment

Bill Gething
Created: 5/26/2017 -



The Earth’s climate is changing – wetter winters and drier summers will affect existing buildings and alter the requirements of new ones. Whatever the cause of climate change, we will need to adapt our buildings so that they can cope with higher temperatures, more extreme weather and changes in rainfall.

The Technology Strategy Board of Innovate UK has developed the report 'Design for Future Climate: Opportunities for adaptation in the built environment' in order to assist the construction sector to construct buildings that are energy efficient and resilient towards flooding, heat and drought. The report describes the main climate change impacts on buildings and demonstrates studies, projects and initiatives on climate proof building designs.

The report concludes that the construction industry is requesting government to develop a coherent framework to enable design teams to develop and test new and holistic adaptation strategies.

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