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DOE 2012 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

Created: 1/12/2016 - Updated: 1/18/2019


As the Federal leader in clean energy research and development, DOE has a unique opportunity for the Department to lead by example and implement sustainability into all aspects of operations.

The Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) embodies DOE’s sustainability commitment laid out in its 2011 Strategic Plan. Consistent with the objectives of Executive Order (EO) 13514, the Department continues to integrate the principles of sustainability into its decision-making processes. The annual budget process is informed by the goals of the SSPP, starting at the Under Secretary level and progressing through the Program Secretarial Offices (PSO) to DOE’s National Laboratories and sites. The Department continues to align its site-level environmental, energy, and real property planning systems to elevate sustainability in site management. DOE Order 436.1, Departmental Sustainability, ensures that senior leaders, managers, staff, and DOE contractors are accountable for meeting sustainability requirements. The Sustainability Performance Office leads DOE’s sustainability efforts, coordinates long-term implementation of the SSPP, and oversees progress towards sustainability goals.


Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy: 
Infrastructure, Planning, and Development
Governance and Policy
Create new or enhance existing policies or regulations
Develop / implement adaptation plans