DRAFT REPORT Safeguarding California Plan: 2017 Update

Created: 6/15/2017 -


This document, Safeguarding California Plan: 2017 Update, is a programmatic survey across state government of what California is doing to respond to climate change, what needs to be done, and how we will achieve those goals. The hundreds of actions and recommendations listed here were developed through the scientific and policy expertise of staff from 27 state agencies. The plan opens with overarching strategies recommended by the California Natural Resources Agency, the State’s lead agency on climate change adaptation. The document then outlines ongoing actions and cost-effective and achievable next steps to make California more resilient to climate change across ten different policy areas. This roadmap also provides a transparent and accountable tool for the public to evaluate the State’s progress.

The 2017 Update should move California toward a state of preparedness in which: 

  • People and communities respond to changing conditions, shocks, and stresses in a manner that minimizes risks to public health and safety while maximizing equity and protection of the most vulnerable so that they can thrive despite climate change;
  • Built infrastructure systems continue to provide critical services; 
  • Natural systems adjust and function in the midst of climate change;
  • and Government managers at all levels take climate change adaptation into account in all aspects of their work.

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State / Provincial
Sector Addressed
Conservation / Restoration
Disaster Risk Management
Water Resources
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Governance and Policy
Create new or enhance existing policies or regulations
Develop / implement adaptive management strategies

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