Early Lessons from Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Projects in South-eastern Africa

Adéle Arendse, Rosa Blaauw, Jo-Ellen Parry
Posted on: 4/24/2007 - Updated on: 3/12/2019

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In April 2007, the International Institute for Sustainable Development and SouthSouthNorth co-hosted the workshop "Early Lessons from the Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Projects in Eastern and Southern Africa." The two-day workshop brought together over 50 representatives of non-governmental organizations, government departments and donor agencies to discuss and share experiences related to ongoing and planned adaptation projects in the region. The workshop report captures observations shared, concerns identified and insight gained into new approaches to climate change adaptation.


Arendse, A., Blaauw, R., Parry, J. (2007). Early lessons from implementation of climate change adaptation projects in south-eastern Africa (Regional Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique Workshop Report). Maputo, Mozambique: International Institute for Sustainable Development. Retrieved from CAKE: http://www.cakex.org/virtual-library/1221