Fifth Oregon Climate Assessment (2021)

Posted on: 3/11/2021 - Updated on: 3/11/2021

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Rachel Gregg



Consistent with its charge under Oregon House Bill 3543, the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) conducts a biennial assessment of the state of climate change science, including biological, physical, and social science, as it relates to Oregon and the likely effects of climate change on Oregon. This fifth Oregon Climate Assessment builds on previous assessments by continuing to evaluate past and projected future changes in Oregon’s climate and hydrology. This Assessment is structured with the goal of serving as a resource for the state’s mitigation planning for natural hazards and implementation of the 2021 Oregon Climate Change Adaptation Framework.

Affiliated Organizations

The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI), based at Oregon State University (OSU), is a network of over 100 researchers at OSU, the University of Oregon, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and affiliated federal and state labs.


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