Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2017

Created: 12/18/2013 -


The evidence of coral reef vulnerability and the predictions of climate change underpin the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2009 conclusion that climate change is the dominant threat to the future of the Reef. This document outlines our strategy to address these challenges, and sets out our plan for action over the next five years. It builds on the strong foundations laid by our pioneering work under the Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Action Plan (2007–2012). We are proud of our efforts in tackling the climate change challenge for the Great Barrier Reef, but there is still much work to be done to secure the future for the Reef. The Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Adaptation Strategy outlines our vision for ongoing efforts to help the Reef, its industries and its communities adjust to a changing climate. Through the Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Action Plan (2012–2017) the Australian Government is committing to a program of activity that will improve the outlook for the Reef.

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Sector Addressed
Conservation / Restoration
Land Use Planning
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Natural Resource Management / Conservation
Monitor climate change impacts and adaptation efficacy
Create new or enhance existing policies or regulations
Develop / implement adaptation plans
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Air temperature
Diseases or parasites
Habitat extent
Ocean acidification
Species of concern
Water temperature
Habitat/Biome Type

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