Handbook for Conducting Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change

United Nations Development Programme
Posted on: 3/17/2016 - Updated on: 1/19/2024

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Tera Johnson


Climate change is the defining human development challenge of our generation. The way the world deals with climate change today will have a direct bearing on the devel- opment prospects of a large section of humanity. We must see the fight against poverty and the fight against the effects of climate change as interrelated efforts. They must reinforce each other and success must be achieved on both fronts jointly. Technology can be a powerful solution for simultaneously addressing climate change and advancing development.

If the process of technology development, diffusion and transfer is designed and implemented effectively, it will generate significant opportuni- ties for both the North and South to address climate change and promote sustainable, innovation-based growth. As such, choices we make on technology selection and in- vestments will have profound and long-term impacts on our societies.

This updated Technology Needs Assessment Handbook is designed to assist countries in making informed decisions in their technology choices. Building on lessons from earlier TNA efforts over the past decade, it offers a systematic approach for conducting technol- ogy needs assessments in order to identify, evaluate and prioritize technological means for both mitigation and adaptation. It also provides processes and methodologies for uncovering gaps in enabling frameworks and capacities and for formulating a national action plan to overcome them, as part of overall climate change strategies and plans such as NAMAs and NAPAs.


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