Holistic Adaptation and Equity Approaches that Engage Communities

Shamar A. Bibbins, Ryan Chavez, Garrett Fitzgerald, Shalini Gupta, Kirsten Schwind
Created: 5/09/2016 -


Local, regional, state and national planning and implementation efforts could better use equity approaches that benefit the diverse needs of low-income and the most vulnerable communities. While we plan for the National Adaptation Forum and other forums, how do we better include equity perspectives, strategies and leaders to further advance the climate adaptation field? What are some of the strategies and practices that city planners, CBO’s, funders and others are doing to build a more diverse and equitable climate adaptation field?

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Resources Equity Tools and Resources:

Bay Localize Community Resilience Toolkit, http://www.baylocalize.org/toolkit

Learn how Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning is a vital opportunity for cities to reorganize resources, foster meaningful relationships, and develop placed-based innovations that support all people to thrive despite climate disruption. http://movementbuilding.movementstrategy.org/resources

Oakland Community Climate Action Guide http://oaklandclimateaction.org/climate-guide/en/


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