The Hurricane Sandy Place Report: Evacuation Decisions, Housing Issues and Sense of Community

David Abramson, Donna Van Alst, Alexis Merdjanoff, Rachael Piltch-Loeb, Jaishree Beedasy, Patricia Findley, Lori Peek, Meghan Mordy, Sandra Moroso, Kerrie Ocasio, Yoon Soo Park, Jonathan Sury, Jennifer Tobin-Gurley
Posted on: 6/04/2019 - Updated on: 6/25/2019

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This report is part of the 2015 Briefing Report Series of the Sandy Child and Family Health (S-CAFH) Study. Reports in the series describe the impact of Hurricane Sandy on several key aspects of New Jersey resident’s lives. Four briefing reports will be provided by the team that cover the following topics: (1) The Place Report – the decisions and actions related to evacuation, housing, community, and restoration and repair; (2) The Person Report - the physical and mental health status and well-being of residents who lived in areas exposed to Hurricane Sandy, with an additional focus on children’s health; (3) The Problems Report - residents’ current unmet needs and their experience with systems of formal help; and (4) The Progress Report - the factors associated with stalled or facilitated recovery among affected residents.

Each report will follow a similar format, opening with a brief summary of the existing knowledge, a description of the study and the methods used to collect the data, key findings including figures and graphs that may assist readers in interpreting the data, a summary with policy and programmatic implications, and an appendix of detailed tables of the study results. 


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