Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council Report

Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council (ICCAC)
Posted on: 5/17/2019 - Updated on: 5/17/2019

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The Iowa General Assembly enacted Senate File 485 in 2007 and House File 2571 in 2008. This legislation creates the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council (ICCAC) which consists of twenty-three (23) voting members appointed by the Governor that serve three-year staggered terms. The Council is also comprised of four (4) non-voting, ex-officio members from the General Assembly.

The ICCAC began its deliberative process at its second meeting on December 17, 2007 following an organizational meeting via teleconference on October 15, 2007. ICCAC met a total of eight times, with the final in-person meeting held on November 10, 2008, followed by a conference call on December 10, 2008 for review of this report. About 75 additional teleconference meetings of ICCAC’s five supporting Subcommittees (SCs) were also held to identify and analyze various potential policy actions in advance of the ICCAC’s November 10, 2008, final decisional meeting.

The five SCs considered information and potential policy options in the following sectors:

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC)
  • Clean and Renewable Energy (CRE)
  • Transportation and Land Use (TLU);
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management (AFW); and
  • Cross-Cutting Issues (CC) (i.e., issues that cut across the above sectors).