Jasmine Rice in the Weeping Plain: Adapting Rice Farming to Climate Change in Northeast Thailand

Supaporn Anuchiracheeva, Tul Pinkaew
Created: 2/08/2010 -


Oxfam supports communities and organisations around the world that are already developing the tools and techniques that can be used to adapt to global warming. This case study is one in a series that highlights some of this work to assist programme practitioners in sharing and learning on climate change adaptation. In 2007, after the Yasathorn Province in Northeastern Thailand experienced its longest rainy-season dry spell in decades, Oxfam along with partners Earth Net Foundation decided to take action to safeguard the livelihoods of the region’s farmers. In consultation with farming communities, Oxfam and ENF implemented a one-year pilot climate change adaptation project designed to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on the production of organic jasmine rice.

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