Kayak Point County Park Restoration - Phase II Feasibility with Sea Level Rise

Coastal Geologic Services Inc.
Posted on: 4/14/2008 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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Kirsten Feifel



The first phase was completed in late 2007 and entailed geomorphic assessments used to support the development of three conceptual beach and backshore restoration designs. A final design would be selected and completed to a 30% and 100% stage in Phase 2. The tasks that comprise each phase are outlined below and a breakdown of costs can be found in the project costs section of this document. Most recently CGS was asked by the county to amend Phase 2 to include an assessment of the potential impacts of sea level rise.


MacLennan, A. (2008). Kayak Point County park restoration - Phase II feasibility with sea level rise. Coastal Geologic Services Inc. Retrieved from CAKE http://www.cakex.org/virtual-library/740


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