Kitsap County Climate Change Resiliency Assessment

Kitsap County
Posted on: 10/12/2020 - Updated on: 10/12/2020

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Rachel Gregg



The objective of the Kitsap County Climate Change Resiliency Assessment is to provide the evidence and foundation to support Kitsap County in future resiliency planning to address current and future climate change risks. This assessment is intended to provide a robust scientific synthesis of current and future climate risks and hazards for Kitsap County. Specifically, this assessment focuses on synthesizing future climate projections and relevant climate change impacts to public health, economy, cultural resources, public infrastructure, land use and development, agriculture, local government finance, geologic and natural hazards, hydrology and hydrogeology, habitats and ecosystems, and fire risks. This assessment includes evidence-based qualitative rankings of the probability, magnitude, and timing of specific climate-driven changes. This research summary is intended to provide the foundational data to inform the County’s future development of climate change resiliency strategies, including adaptation and mitigation strategies to enhance the community resilience of Kitsap County’s residents and businesses.