Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report

Jack Liebster, Lauren Armstrong, Alex Westhoff
Created: 12/17/2018 -


Climate experts estimate that by 2100, sea level could rise by up to 70 inches and that the frequency, intensity and flood-effects of storms could increase. People in coastal areas should understand how sea level rise (SLR) may affect their homes, schools, roads, public facilities, natural resources and habitat areas, and how to prepare for these impacts. Marin County’s “Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team” (C-SMART) is a multi-stakeholder, inter-governmental partnership that is working to develop this understanding of SLR and its potential impacts for Marin’s ocean coast, so that together, we can prepare to meet the challenge of SLR.

This document, the Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report, presents potential actions to accommodate, protect against, or retreat from the threats of SLR and coastal hazards. The objective of this report is to present options for increasing resiliency in existing natural and built assets and systems in the face of increased SLR and coastal storms. It is not meant to facilitate new development in hazardous areas. Continuing discussions with stakeholders and technical experts will be required to identify the adaptation solutions that will be most appropriate in each location as part of an ongoing adaptive management approach. Strategies which maximize environmental benefits, social equity, and economic well-being will be prioritized.


Adaptation Phase
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