Maryland’s Plan to Adapt to Saltwater Intrusion and Salinization

Created: 7/14/2020 -


Under Chapter 628 of the 2018 Laws of Maryland, the Maryland General Assembly tasked the Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) to “establish a plan to adapt to saltwater intrusion,” in consultation with the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources, Environment and Agriculture. The plan is organized by each resource understood to be impacted by saltwater intrusion or salinization in Maryland, including groundwater aquifers, surface waters, agriculture, wetlands, coastal forests, and infrastructure. Each chapter describes the following for each resource:

  • The scientific context for how saltwater moves within the physical environment and how it impacts different resources;
  • The current knowledge of impacts, threats, and concerns regarding saltwater intrusion and salinization, and how climate change is expected to worsen those threats and concerns over time;
  • Additional research recommended, based on current understanding of knowledge gaps; and
  • Possible adaptation strategies.

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