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The Monaco Ocean Acidification Plan

Ocean Acidification international Reference User Group (OAiRUG)
Created: 1/17/2018 - Updated: 7/19/2019


This Action Plan was developed by the Ocean Acidification international Reference User Group (OAiRUG), with representatives from both the scientific and research users communities. The Plan aims to share progress and set priorities for developments in science and policy to keep pace with impacts we are starting to see in ecosystems and economic sectors most vulnerable to ocean acidification. This plan is as much for governments, policy advisers and decision makers, as it is for new stakeholders and the existing ocean acidification experts who form the current ‘ocean acidi cation community’. Whilst this plan is not comprehensive, it highlights major achievements and is intended to take stock of scientific and political activities, whilst also fostering a broader debate on priorities for action in the coming decade. 


Regional / Subnational
Sector Addressed: 
Conservation / Restoration
Target Climate Changes and Impacts: 
Ocean acidification
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy: 
Natural Resource Management / Conservation
Incorporate future conditions into natural resources planning and policies
Governance and Policy
Habitat/Biome Type: