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Monitoring Climate Effects in Temperate Marine Ecosystems

MPA Monitoring Enterprise
Created: 12/05/2017 - Updated: 1/08/2019


This report has been prepared by EcoAdapt for the MPA Monitoring Enterprise. The MPA Monitoring Enterprise, a program of the California Ocean Science Trust, is tasked with developing and implementing monitoring of California’s emerging statewide MPA network. While climate change is not explicitly incorporated into the goals and objectives of California’s MPAs, future evaluations of MPA performance will occur in the context of a changing climate and associated changing oceanographic environment. Moreover, MPA monitoring in California provides a framework that can be applied to inform the climate change management dialogue. A statewide network of MPAs, in which other anthropogenic stressors are reduced, provides a large-scale, natural laboratory to understand how climate changes manifest in ocean ecosystems. Thus, this presents a timely opportunity to develop and recommend an approach to most efficiently and effectively augment MPA monitoring to provide additional information. This information should aid in the interpretation of MPA monitoring results but also can be designed to inform the management dialogue around potential climate change effects on marine ecosystems and adaptation or mitigation measures.

The Monitoring Enterprise engaged EcoAdapt to develop and recommend an approach to supplement MPA monitoring with climate change monitoring that can track climate change effects 


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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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