National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series: Climate Adaptation Evaluation and Monitoring

Rachel M. Gregg, Anne Carlson, Mallory Morgan
Posted on: 9/30/2015 - Updated on: 6/16/2023

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Whitney Reynier



NOTE: This content will be removed from CAKE by the end of 2023. Please visit the past virtual events on the National Adaptation Forum website.

This quarterly National Adaptation Forum Webinar focused on climate adaptation evaluation and monitoring examples in the field. EcoAdapt's Adaptation Ladder of Engagement helps you assess your "State of Adaptation" to determine what you could be doing improve your efforts to address climate change. One of the critical steps in the ladder is evaluation. Practitioners in the field are looking at ways to integrate monitoring and evaluation into their work to determine what is working and what is not working. Our panelists Rachel Gregg (Lead Scientist, EcoAdapt), Anne Carlson (Climate Associate, The Wilderness Society), and Mallory Morgan (Climate Fellow, San Diego Foundation) talked about examples of climate adaptation evaluation and monitoring efforts in the field. View the recording here

This is the eighth installment of the National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series and was sponsored by EcoAdapt and hosted by CAKE. For other NAF webinar recordings, visit


Gregg, R.M., A. Carlson, & M. Morgan (2015). Climate Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation [National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series]. Retrieved from CAKE:


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