National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series: Live from the California Adaptation Forum

Kevin Werner, Will Travis, Amber Pairis, Michael McCormick, Lara Hansen
Created: 8/28/2014 -


The Local Government Commission and the State of California organized the first California Adaptation Forum in the state capital, held August 19–20, 2014. This two-day forum built off of the 2013 National Adaptation Forum in Colorado. The attendance of many California leaders there underscored the need for a California-focused event, which will be held every other year to complement the biennial National Forum.

This webinar is sponsored by EcoAdapt and hosted by CAKE. For other NAF webinar recordings, visit

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Werner, K., W. Travis, A. Pairis, M. McCormick, & L. Hansen. (2014). National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series: Live from the California Adaptation Forum [National Adaptation Forum Webinar Series]. Retrieved from CAKE:…


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