National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS)

National Landscape Conservation System Coalition
Posted on: 7/18/2022 - Updated on: 8/03/2023

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In June 2000, the National Landscape Conservation System - the most innovative American land system created in the last 50 years - was established to encompass the crown jewels of the public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This new conservation system consists of more than 26 million acres: National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, Wilderness, Wilderness Study Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and National and Scenic Trails.

The mission of the National Landscape Conservation System was to conserve, protect, and restore these nationally significant landscapes that have outstanding cultural, ecological, and scientific values for the benefit of current and future generations.

The NLCS Coalition was comprised of more than 50 local, regional, and national non-profit groups committed to building a stronger National Landscape Conservation System. Formed in 2002, the NLCS Coalition included conservation groups large and small, historical preservation organizations, archaeologists, and landscape architects, among others.

Affiliated Organizations

The BLM is responsible for managing the nation's public lands and resources in a combination of ways which best serve the needs of the American people. The BLM balances recreational, commercial, scientific and cultural interests and strives for long-term protection of renewable and nonrenewable resources, including range, timber, minerals, recreation, watershed, fish and wildlife, wilderness and natural, scenic, scientific and cultural values.

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