Tillamook County

This report is the result of study and examination by the Neskowin Coastal Hazards Committee (NCHC). The NCHC is a Tillamook County ad hoc committee formed to respond to the present erosion threat from the ocean in the County and to the beach and community of Neskowin. Since its inception in Fall 2009, the committee has met monthly, with sub-committee meetings more frequently. There have been public meetings to garner feedback and many sessions with experts to gain input, all of which have contributed to this report.

The NCHC has been guided by its mission statement in its work, and the mission is evident throughout this document. The mission and objectives of the committee are as follows:

Mission: The mission of the Neskowin Coastal Hazards Committee is to—in priority order--plan ways to maintain the beach and protect the community through short term and long term strategies; recommend to state and county agencies and officials ways to maintain the beach and protect the community; and explore ways to plan for and adapt to the potential future changes in the Neskowin coastal area.

Objectives: 1) Become more knowledgeable about past and current dimensions of the situation and study expert projections for the future. 2) Provide information to alert Neskowin beach users to potential dangers of coastal hazards. 3) Investigate options (short and long term) for maintaining the beach and preserving the community. 4) Publish Committee findings and advocate actions likely to be most effective in fulfilling our mission. 5) Help garner support and resources necessary to implement agreed upon actions.



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