Nevada Climate Change Advisory Committee Final Report

Nevada Climate Change Advisory Committee (NCCAC)
Posted on: 5/17/2019 - Updated on: 5/17/2019

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On April 10, 2007, Governor Jim Gibbons signed an executive order that created the Nevada Climate Change Advisory Committee (NCCAC). The executive order directed the Committee to propose recommendations by which Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions can be further reduced in Nevada.

After a period time of developing and collecting recommendations, the Committee agreed to a three-tiered rating system for ranking the recommendations. The final recommendations generally consist of; 1) a “Finding” section to outline the concept; 2) a “Background” section to provide supporting evidence(s); 3) a “Recommendation(s)” section to propose actions; and 4) an “Impacts” section to address cost, funding source, staffing, and regulation or law modification related to the actions. These recommendations have considered that complete cost-to-benefit analyses are not available at this time.



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