This New Climate: OASIS & the democratization of climate data

Created: 1/28/2019 -


In the third episode of the podcast This New Climate, host Will Bugler explores how the OASIS group of companies are seeking to transform our ability to understand climate risk through a commitment to open source data. Climate data and information is at the very heart of efforts for insurance companies to price risk and respond to extreme events like hurricanes and droughts. Steve Bowen, Director of the Catastrophe Insight team at insurance giant Aon, explains why data was central to Aon’s response to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria helping us understand why OASIS’s mission is an important puzzle piece to managing the global climate crisis.

Episode guests: Steve Bowen from Aon, Dickie Whitaker and Tracy Irvine from OASIS.

This New Climate is an Acclimatise production. This New Climate is the show that uncovers the inventions and innovations that are trying to tackle humankind’s greatest ever challenge: climate change.

Humanity is entering a new era that will be governed by its ability to respond to a climate system that does not behave how it used to. Our civilisation has emerged in a stable climate, one that has enabled us to grow the crops that feed us, build the cities that house us, and create the intricate infrastructure networks that allow us to watch Netflix and do the weekly food shop at the same time. But what happens when that stable climate breaks down?

This New Climate investigates some of the toughest problems that humans face as we enter a new era of climate instability, and tell the stories of the projects and people who are grappling with them.

OASIS is an EIT Climate-KIC supported innovation initiative.

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