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The New Hampshire Climate Action Plan: A Plan for New Hampshire’s Energy, Environmental and Economic Development Future

Created: 3/01/2009 - Updated: 11/06/2018


New Hampshire’s Climate Action Plan presents an opportunity to:

  • Spur economic growth through investment in our own state’s economy of monies currently spent on energy imports.
  • Create jobs and economic growth through development of in-state sources of energy from renewable and low emitting resources, and green technology development and deployment by New Hampshire businesses.
  • Avoid the significant costs of responding to a changing climate on the state’s infrastructure, economy, and the health of our citizens.

Published On

Monday, March 2, 2009


State / Provincial
Sector Addressed: 
Land Use Planning
Transportation / Infrastructure
Water Resources
Target Climate Changes and Impacts: 
Air temperature
Water temperature
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy: 
Capacity Building
Increase / Improve public awareness, education, and outreach efforts
Governance and Policy
Create new or enhance existing policies or regulations
Climate Type: 

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