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Increasing levels of greenhouse gases, particularly during the past century, have been associated with rising global average temperatures, extreme temperatures, and heat waves. At the same time, other climatic changes in New York State (NYS) have included increased frequency and duration of extreme weather events and coastal storms, increased variability of temperature and precipitation, and higher average precipitation levels. These climatic changes have resulted in flooding events from extreme precipitation and rising sea level due to warmer waters and glacial and sea ice melt.

The purpose of this Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) in New York State Climate and Health Profile (Profile) is to provide public health professionals in NYS a summary of the public health impacts related to the changing climate. It identifies the populations who are most vulnerable to these health impacts and includes a section detailing collaboration and next steps on this important public health issue. The Profile provides a synthesis of major climate reviews and NYSDOH work for better understanding and quantification of these climate-health impacts and of those most vulnerable to them.

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