Plains & Prairie Pothole LCC

Tyler Abbott
Posted on: 7/18/2022 - Updated on: 7/28/2023

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The Plains & Prairie Potholes LCC is no longer active.

Explore and access the many projects and products that were funded by the LCC to help bridge science and natural resource management by visiting ourĀ Science Catalog.

Affiliated Organizations

The BLM is responsible for managing the nation's public lands and resources in a combination of ways which best serve the needs of the American people. The BLM balances recreational, commercial, scientific and cultural interests andĀ strives for long-term protection of renewable and nonrenewable resources, including range, timber, minerals, recreation, watershed, fish and wildlife, wilderness and natural, scenic, scientific and cultural values.

The Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC is responsible for identifying and prioritizing the scientific uncertainties and needs that can inform better conservation management. Climate change, shifts in land-use, urban expansion, agricultural changes, are all contributing stressors impacting the plains and prairie potholes landscape. Research supported by the LCC is directed at maximizing habitat quality within key ecosystems from palustrine wetlands, native grasslands and restored grasslands to sage prairie and riparian habitat and river systems.


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