Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning: Addressing Adaptation During Long-Term Recovery

Posted on: 11/03/2018 - Updated on: 2/27/2020

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Rachel Gregg



This updated addition to the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning: A Guide for Florida Communities guidebook, referred to in this document as the Addendum, represents the fifth phase of the Statewide Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning Initiative. The initial four phases provided vulnerable communities a planning process to guide post-disaster redevelopment activities that enhance community sustainability and ensure resilient redevelopment after any disaster. The purpose of this Addendum is to augment the best practices guidance related to coastal communities and also consider ways to address potential sea level rise adaptation during the long-term recovery process. This Addendum focuses specifically on Palm Beach County, Florida, as they served as the pilot for this process, to explore a range of adaptation strategies that may be employed in the post-disaster environment to enhance community sustainability. This Addendum provides an assessment of how sea level rise scenarios may alter the impacts of future storms and provides recommendations for local decision makers to consider when addressing long-term community sustainability in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster. 


Sector Addressed
Habitat/Biome Type
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy

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