Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments

Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
Created: 8/31/2007 -


The purpose of Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments is to help you as a decision-maker in a local, regional, or state government prepare for climate change by recommending a detailed, easy-to-understand process for climate change preparedness based on familiar resources and tools. The content of this guidebook was developed from reviews of scientific literature, the Climate Impacts Group's experience working with U.S. Pacific Northwest decision-makers on preparing for climate change, and King County, Washington's experience developing and implementing a climate change preparedness plan. ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability has also provided guidance based on its Climate Resilient Communities Program, its Five Milestones process for climate change adaptation, and its extensive experience with local and regional governments.

The guidebook begins with an introduction (Chapter 1) from King County Executive Ron Sims, which highlights both the urgent responsibility and opportunity for public decision-makers to prepare for climate change now and in the coming decades. Chapter 2 provides a short overview of the science of global climate change and its projected national and regional consequences. Chapter 3 offers reasons why local, regional, and state decision-makers should prepare proactively for the impacts of climate change to their communities.

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