Québec and Climate Change – A Challenge for the Future; 2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan

Posted on: 5/31/2008 - Updated on: 3/12/2020

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In June 2006, Québec established its first climate change action plan that set ambitious goals and established the means to achieve them. Entitled QUÉBEC AND CLIMATE CHANGE: A Challenge for the Future, the 2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan was a major step on the road to a society where sustainable development is at the core of priorities and collective choices. The government is now moving forward by improving the action plan with new measures and additional funding. The revised action plan allows Québec to maintain its position as a North American leader in the fight against climate change.


Government of Quebec. (2008). Québec and climate change – A challenge for the future: 2006–2012 climate change action plan. Retrieved from CAKE: http://www.cakex.org/virtual-library/748

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The Parliament of Québec consists of the Lieutenant Governor and the National Assembly.


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