Recordings: Responding to Climate-Amplified Extreme Weather Events

EcoAdapt and the CO2 Foundation
Posted on: 8/14/2023 - Updated on: 8/14/2023

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Extreme weather events can have devastating impacts on human communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Yet, these impacts will only worsen as extreme weather event frequency, severity, and duration are made worse by climate change and recovery times are shortened, limiting the ability of already resource-limited communities to prepare for the next event. Therefore, it is critical that extreme weather event preparedness and response are integrated into our climate adaptation strategies.

This four-part virtual series, hosted by the National Adaptation Forum, featured presentations focused on innovative approaches for minimizing the impacts of extreme storms. The ultimate goal of this series was to better prepare communities for climate-amplified extreme weather by showcasing approaches, plans, and community-engagement strategies that are being used across the country.


  1. Session One: Stop Asking Us to be Resilient: Community Perspectives on the “Resilience” Myth
  2. Session Two: Facilitating Housing Recovery to Extreme Weather Events
  3. Session Three: Resilience Hubs: A Collaborative Approach to Support Neighborhood-Based Resilience in Marginalized Communities
  4. Session Four: Assessing and Addressing Vulnerabilities to Extreme Heat

▶️ Watch the recordings here.

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