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Posted on: 7/19/2022 - Updated on: 7/19/2022

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PLACE: SLR fosters a network of individuals and organizations working to enhance resilience to coastal inundation under rising sea levels in a changing climate and increases access to and application of relevant research, stimulate dialogue around vulnerabilities and adaptation strategies, and provide resources that facilitate resilience and mitigation actions. 

The purpose of PLACE: SLR is to increase resilience to climate change along the northern Gulf of Mexico. The program focuses on resilience issues related to water and a changing climate – specifically sea-level rise, which compounds inundation and extreme rainfall events to generate a plethora of coastal flooding hazards. Hazards include but are not limited to hurricanes, nuisance flooding, erosion, coastal habitat degradation and loss, saltwater intrusion, and stormwater flooding. Increased resilience will be accomplished by identifying and addressing needs of coastal decision-makers and stewards of the built and natural environments.

The Resilience to Future Flooding short film series communicates sea-level rise resilience to stakeholders across the northern Gulf of Mexico. This Resilience to Future Flooding project was led by PLACE:SLR.

Sea-Level Rise 101: These films cover various aspects of sea-level rise specifically for how it impacts us here in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Basics
  • Amplified Storm Surge
  • Planning for Rising Seas

Case Studies: These case studies videos cover a wide range of topics, highlighting the many ways communities can increase their resilience. Specific videos are available for Mississippi, Alabama, or northwest Florida and they bring these Gulf Coast case studies even closer to home.

  • Preparing Local Businesses
  • Understanding Future Risk
  • Working with Natural Systems
  • Responding to Hazards
  • Planning for Future Hazards

Tides of Change Feature Film: Gulf Coast Communities Respond to Rising Seas: The Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful, vibrant area - but it is faced with tough challenges. Watch how Gulf communities learn more about what risks they face and prepare to weather these tides of change.

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