Safeguarding Our Lands, Waters, and Communities: DNR's Plan for Climate Resilience

Posted on: 4/09/2020 - Updated on: 10/02/2021

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This report takes a critical look at what the DNR is doing today to address and respond to climate change. It also sets forth DNR’s priority responses for each program and at a statewide level to achieve climate resilience on our lands and for our beneficiaries and communities. For many responses, DNR can take action with our existing resources and authorities. Others will require support from the Legislature and need the expertise of our many partners across the state to achieve the goals. Finally, this plan provides options for supporting communities of Washington State to take critical steps to become more resilient.

This climate resilience plan illustrates the enduring commitment we have as an agency to work alongside partners, scientists, lawmakers, tribes, beneficiaries, communities, and others to achieve climate resilience across our state.

Affiliated Organizations

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) aims to provide professional, forward-looking stewardship of our state lands, natural resources, and environment, and leadership in creating a sustainable future for the Trusts and all citizens. DNR is a Washington State agency that protects and manages 5.6 million acres of state-owned land that the people of Washington own. Much of this land (3 million acres) is state trust land that provides revenue to help pay for construction of public schools, universities, and other state institutions, and funds services in many counties.