Samish Indian Nation Climate Adaptation Planning Priorities

Samish Indian Nation
Created: 5/07/2019 -


Since time immemorial, the Samish people have lived and prospered on the land and water of the Salish Sea. Samish culture and social ties, as well as tribal member physical and spiritual health is intertwined with this place, and the foods, medicines, and resources that reside here. In keeping with the Samish vision to ensure the health, wealth, education and security of Samish tribal members, they we have initiated a climate change adaptation planning effort. One of the first steps in this process is to identify key assets and resources that they feel are most important to protect.

Samish has previously established a series of values that guide our work toward meeting our vision, one of which focuses on key priorities. The stated priorities are to preserve, protect, and promote our culture and traditions while developing the health, wealth, education, and security of their membership.

The following document explores these priorities and how they may be impacted under changing climate conditions. These priorities are organized around three broad categories: Built Environment, Natural and Cultural Resources, and Health and Wellbeing.

This work, together with two companion documents (Samish Indian Nation Climate Adaptation Planning Framework and Samish Indian Nation Climate Impact Assessment), provide background for incorporation into future climate adaptation planning steps, including a more detailed vulnerability assessment.

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