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The San Francisco Bay Living Shorelines: Nearshore Linkages Project

Coastal Conservancy
Created: 8/01/2019 - Updated: 8/01/2019


Restoration efforts in San Francisco Bay will advance in Summer 2012 as the San Francisco Bay Living Shorelines: Nearshore Linkages Project is implemented. The overarching project goal is to analyze subtidal restoration techniques and restore critical eelgrass and oyster habitat, while learning more about the potential physical benefits of biological reefs along the shoreline. An interdisciplinary team of scientists will test the effectiveness of restoration techniques on subtidal habitat values and begin to evaluate connectivity between submerged areas and adjacent tidal wetlands and creeks. This type of work is new to San Francisco Bay but will build on the lessons learned from other restoration efforts in the estuary and around the nation. The pilot project will be conducted in two locations: in San Rafael Bay and along the Hayward shoreline. Through frequent monitoring, information will be generated about how the project can be scaled up to balance shoreline protection, environmental impacts, and habitat needs.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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