San Francisco Climate and Health Profile

San Francisco Department of Public Health
Created: 6/16/2019 -


The San Francisco Department of Public Health’s (SFDPH) Climate and Health Program works to address the public health consequences of climate change at the local level and improve climate change preparedness and resilience in San Francisco. Using the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) national framework, Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE), the SFDPH’s Climate and Health program is assessing climate trends, defining disease burden, developing specific intervention methods, and evaluating the effects of change for at-risk populations within San Francisco.

This Climate and Health Profile identifies the scope of local climate impacts and associated potential health outcomes, and highlights populations and locations especially vulnerable to these health impacts. By systematically using climate projections to prioritize the health impacts and risk factors to pave the way for San Francisco public health adaptation efforts, the Climate and Health Profile reveals essential information needed to take future action. By utilizing the best climate science available and engaging community partners to understand vulnerabilities and interventions for communities and populations at highest risk for illness, the profile is a useful resource to help advance urban health and environmental justice in the climate and health field.

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Public Health
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Capacity Building
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