In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the June 2012 derecho, recent record heat and blizzards, we are seeing longer-lasting disruptions to the power grid, transportation networks and business operations that have led to tragic loss of life and significant economic losses.

What passes for “normal” weather appears to be changing for the worse – and we need to be ready for the weather both in the current climate as well as the future. With this in mind, the District is initiating a climate change adaptation assessment to examine current and projected risks from severe weather and to develop a resilience plan to enhance the District’s economy and quality of life.

On March 14, the Center for Clean Air Policy, the District Department of Environment, and the District Office of Planning, held a workshop to gather stakeholder input to help shape future resilience efforts to ensure they reflect stakeholder knowledge, experience, and priorities.

Workshop goals:

  • Share expert information
  • Understand stakeholder priorities and concerns
  • Identify collaboration opportunities
  • Document potential next steps
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Sector Addressed
Land Use Planning
Transportation / Infrastructure
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Public health risks