Shinnecock Indian Nation Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Shinnecock Indian Nation
Posted on: 2/21/2017 - Updated on: 1/16/2019

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The Shinnecock Environmental Department and the Natural Resource Committee had begun researching climate change, and particularly the impacts on surface water and ocean acidification, because of tribal shellfish cultivation. The next large concern was the increasing shoreline erosion, which is contributing to the loss of trees. The staff began researching other climate change issues that were impacting the region as well. Climate change is included in the Shinnecock Nation’s strategic plan.

The Shinnecock Environmental Department will lead the effort to implement the plan. They will actively work with other tribal departments and committees, such as health, land management, education, governance, and emergency management, to review the plan and identify the key areas for which each department/committee is needed for implementation. The plan will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary. Each action item will be reviewed and delegated to the appropriate entity for implementation, including the seeking of outside consultants when deemed necessary. Reasonable timelines and target dates for these efforts are under development.