Shishmaref Relocation Strategic Plan January 2002

Created: 1/30/2002 -


The community of Shishmaref has determined that the threat to life and property from reoccurring beachfront erosion requires immediate action. The community has taken the first step by establishing an erosion and relocation coalition made up of the governing members of the City, Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) Council and Shishmaref Native Corporation Board of Directors.  Faced with the decision of whether to remain at its present location or to move, the majority of the community is in favor of moving. This plan is a guideline to assist the community as well as state, federal, and other agencies in assisting Shishmaref with an orderly relocation.

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The Alaska District is a full service district with three major programs: military construction, civil works development, and environmental cleanup/restoration activities. We also have significant programs functions in contracting, operations and maintenance, real estate and Clean Water Act and navigation regulation activities. Our programs are highly visible in the military and local communities and are deep seated in Alaskan history. We have extensive expertise in cold regions engineering.


Tribal / First Nation
Sector Addressed
Climate Justice
Disaster Risk Management
Rural / Indigenous Livelihoods
Transportation / Infrastructure
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Infrastructure, Planning, and Development
Managed retreat of built infrastructure, relocation of people/communities
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Air temperature
Culture / communities
Infrastructure damage
Public health risks
Public safety threats
Sea level rise
Storms or extreme weather events

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