Silvicultural Decisionmaking in an Uncertain Climate Future: A Workshop-based Exploration of Considerations, Strategies, and Approaches

Maria Janowiak, Chris Swanston, Linda Nagel, Christopher Webster, Brian Palik, Mark Twery, John Bradford, Linda Parker, Andrea Hille, Sheela Johnson
Created: 6/11/2013 -


Land managers across the country face the immense challenge of developing and applying appropriate management strategies as forests respond to climate change. We hosted a workshop to explore silvicultural strategies for addressing the uncertainties surrounding climate change and forest response in the northeastern and north-central United States. Outcomes of this workshop included identifi cation of broad management strategies and approaches for creating forests that can adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Four themes were prevalent in the discussion of coping with climatic change: recognize relationships between site conditions and species vulnerability, maintain and increase diversity, increase discussion about assisted migration, and place a greater emphasis on monitoring. In this paper, we draw on the workshop to outline a process for presenting information and engaging land managers in discussion of forest management challenges in an era of climate uncertainty.

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