South Atlantic Regional Action Plan

NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center
Posted on: 10/17/2018 - Updated on: 2/28/2020

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NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Centerhas developed a draft Regional Action Plan (Plan) for climate science in the South Atlantic. This Plan is part of our strategy to provide information, data, and services so decision-makers are better prepared to respond to climate change effects on the region’s species, including marine fish, corals, marine mammals, and sea turtles, and the people that depend on them.

The Plan helps communicate a regional vision for climate related science in the South Atlantic. It provides a framework for scientists and managers to prioritize and accomplish research on climate-related impacts to marine and coastal ecosystems. It promotes scientists working with partners and the management community to construct management approaches that ensure the development of science-based strategies to sustain our marine resources and resource-dependent coastal communities in a changing climate.

Highlights of the Regional Action Plan include establishing a NOAA Fisheries South Atlantic Climate Science Team, expanding scientific expertise and partnerships, conducting vulnerability assessments for South Atlantic species, and drafting a South Atlantic Ecosystem Status Report. We are undertaking this effort in support of NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy.

For more information or questions please contact John Quinlan ([email protected]305-432-6247).


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