State of Knowledge: Climate Change in Puget Sound

Guillaume S. Mauger, Joseph H. Casola, Harriet A. Morgan, Ronda L. Strauch, Brittany Jones, Beth Curry, Tania M. Busch Isaksen, Lara Whitely Binder, Meade Krosby, Amy Snover
Posted on: 11/17/2015 - Updated on: 3/06/2020

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Rachel Gregg



This report is designed to serve as a reference for individuals interested in understanding the state of the science on climate change and its effects within the Puget Sound region. We define the Puget Sound region to include the water bodies of Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, as well as any United States land areas that ultimately drain into these waters.

Affiliated Organizations

The Climate Impacts Group (CIG) is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary research group studying the impacts of natural climate variability and global climate change (“global warming”). Research at the CIG considers climate impacts at spatial scales ranging from local communities to the entire western U.S. region, with most work focused on the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Through research and interaction with stakeholders, the CIG works to increase community and ecosystem resilience to fluctuations in climate.