Strong Housing, Safer Communities: Strategies for Seismic & Flood Risks

Dana Brechwald, Cynthia Kroll, Wendy Goodfriend, Lindy Lowe
Posted on: 9/27/2018 - Updated on: 12/30/2018

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This manual was written to make the strategies developed for ABAG and BCDC’s Housing and Community Multiple Hazard Risk Assessment Project accessible and usable for local jurisdictions throughout the Bay Area. It is a resource to support action at multiple levels to address seismic and flooding vulnerabilities in the Bay Area. While we continue to learn about risks in the Bay Area, we know actions that can happen now to help the region become more resilient in the face of earthquakes and flooding.

Who should use this manual

This manual is primarily geared to be easily understood by local jurisdiction staff, elected officials, policy makers, and other local decision-makers who are in the position to implement the strategies laid out within. Community groups, local leaders, and residents may also advocate for these strategies to their leaders.

What you can learn from this manual

This manual is designed for the user to quickly and easily:

  • Gain an understanding of the vulnerabilities considered and the strategies aimed at reducing them
  • Decide which strategies are most applicable to your jurisdiction
  • Learn how to gain a high level understanding of each strategy’s aims for quick and easy policy-level decision making
  • Gain information on how to implement each strategy in a meaningful, in-depth way