Suffolk County Harmful Algal Bloom Action Plan

William Wise
Created: 8/01/2019 -


Suffolk County’s surface waters are a huge economic and lifestyle driver for Long Island and contribute immensely to tourism, commerce, fishing, recreation, and other activities. Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) pose an increasing threat to the healthy ecological functioning of County surface waters and can reduce the type and level of ecological services County residents and communities derive from these systems. Moreover, some HABs pose a direct threat to public health and safety; they produce toxins that are harmful to humans and pets. HABs are not new to Suffolk County’s waters, but they are increasing in frequency and variety. The HAB Synthesis Report (Appendix A) is a comprehensive review of the history of HABs in Suffolk County. The Synthesis Report, prepared by Dr. Chris Gobler and Dr. Theresa Hattenrath-Lehmann, details what is known about the specific causes of HABs, their impacts and what management actions have been taken in response to these HAB events.

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