Swinomish Climate Change Initiative: Impact Assessment Technical Report

Swinomish Climate Change Initiative
Created: 2/28/2017 -


In recognition of a growing body of scientific evidence, and in response to certain specific local events, the Swinomish Indian Senate issued a proclamation in 2007 directing action to study the possible effects of climate change on the Swinomish Indian Reservation community, lands, and resources and determine appropriate responses.1 Following this proclamation, the Tribe initiated a two-year project in late 2008 to assess how climate change may affect the Swinomish Indian Reservation and to develop strategies to address potential impacts.

The outcome of this project is the production of three key reports: this Impact Assessment Technical Report, a preliminary Adaptation Strategy Report, and a Community Action Plan with recommendations for future adaptation options and strategies. This technical report comprises the first milestone of the project. It represents the work of a multidisciplinary team led by staff of the Swinomish Office of Planning & Community Development, in partnership with the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group (CIG), and with further scientific assistance from Skagit River System Cooperative (SRSC). The report describes the scientific data and potential climate change scenarios, assesses possible local impacts, and identifies specific areas of potential risk and vulnerability to climate change effects.

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Community / Local
Sector Addressed
Disaster Risk Management
Rural / Indigenous Livelihoods
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Capacity Building
Conduct vulnerability assessments and studies
Infrastructure, Planning, and Development
Governance and Policy
Target Climate Changes and Impacts
Culture / communities

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