Taking The Pulse of Our Planet: The USA National Phenology Network

Jake F. Weltzin
Created: 7/27/2010 -


The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN; www.usanpn.org) is an emerging and exciting partnership focused on phenology (the timing of life cycle events of plants and animals, such as flowering or migration). 

Changes in spatial and temporal patterns of phenology can be used to understand how plants, animals and landscapes respond to environmental variation, and can facilitate the development of tools to facilitate human adaptation to ongoing and potential future climate change. 

The network is a collaboration between federal agencies, the academic community, resource managers and the general public to create a new resource for science, resource management, decision-support tools, and education/outreach.

This presentation will describe how phenology has changed, why phenology is important for science, resource conservation and management, and education and outreach, how the USA-NPN is organized and operated, and how individuals or organizations can get involved to help track the fingerprint of climate change across the nation.

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