Ten Lessons for Effective Place-Based Climate Adaptation Planning Workshops

Marc J. Stern, Kristin F. Hurst, Jennifer J. Brousseau, Caleb O’Brien, Lara J. Hansen
Posted on: 7/03/2023 - Updated on: 7/03/2023

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Community efforts to consider climate change within local planning processes are increasingly common. Place-based climate adaptation workshops are commonly employed tools within these larger processes. The research, to date, on these phenomena has yielded mixed results, and the empirical evidence regarding what makes these workshops more or less effective has been mostly based on small samples in disparate contexts.

In an effort to seek consensus regarding what factors lead to effective workshop outcomes, including participant learning and the motivation to take action; improved adaptation planning processes and implementation; and the development or strengthening of positive relationships between the participants, twenty-two experienced climate adaptation workshop facilitators participated in a Delphi study involving iterative surveys followed by focus groups.

In this short report, we present a synthesis of consensus-based recommendations resulting from the Delphi study for enhancing place-based climate adaptation workshop outcomes. These recommendations address recruitment; fitting the local context; adequately preparing the participants; clarifying the objectives; facilitation strategies; promoting local leadership, efficacy and accountability; and providing post-workshop support. We discuss the role of these strategies in developing feelings of collective efficacy, local leadership and accountability through social learning.


Stern, M.J., Hurst, K.F., Brousseau, J.J., O’Brien, C., Hansen, L.J. (2023). Ten Lessons for Effective Place-Based Climate Adaptation Planning Workshops. Climate, 11(2), 43. https://doi.org/10.3390/cli11020043.

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