Tribal Mitigation Planning Handbook

Posted on: 5/05/2021 - Updated on: 5/18/2021

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Peter Herrick, Jr.



The Tribal Mitigation Planning Handbook is a tool for Tribal governments to use in developing a mitigation plan that meets the requirements of Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 201.7 (44 CFR § 201.7). It focuses on practical approaches for how Tribes can build mitigation plans that reduce long-term risk from natural hazards. It is a companion to the Tribal Mitigation Plan Review Guide, released by FEMA in 2017. While the Tribal Mitigation Plan Review Guide is intended to help Federal officials review and approve Tribal mitigation plans, the Tribal Handbook is intended to help Tribal governments develop these plans. It is important to remember that there is no required format or outline for a mitigation plan. The regulations govern planning for natural hazards only, but Tribes may choose to plan for both natural and man-made hazards. The regulations describe what should be done, not how the plan should be written, so Tribes should feel free to develop and organize the plan in a way that works within their governance and tradition.

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